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It’s here – the moment all true Soccer fans have been waiting for – Top Soccer Fan - a soccer app designed by fans, for fans.


Whilst other soccer apps push data to fans, provide a gaming platform, or a sport focused messaging platform the Top Soccer Fan app does something truly exciting and unique.


Top Soccer Fan provides a platform where soccer fans worldwide can create and record their events in their own soccer journal – a comprehensive, unique and personal record of their soccer history.


  • Check-in using geo to games you attend, or manually check-in when watching games on the TV from the comfort of your home or favorite local.
  • Predict the match result and correct score of the match you are watching.
  • Review the match, the stadium and its facilities post-game.
  • Rate the players who played a part in the game and select your man of the match.
  • Social media platform allows users to talk about the game. Make friends, and follow users who share your interests.
  • Search your own journal to view matches you have previously attended in order to re-live the memories of the past. View key events from the game, your reviews, photos and predictions.
  • Receive tailored offers based on your location and app events.
  • Check-in, view the schedule, scores and key incidents of matches from over 20 league and cup competitions worldwide.
  • Post achievements to social media.


Every game attended; every game viewed; every review submitted; every correct prediction; in fact every user interaction has the potential to earn users points and achievements. Check the leaderboards to see where you rank amongst other users in a number of exciting categories, or simply keep tabs on your personal achievements.


Compete against your friends, your fellow supporters, and soccer fans worldwide to become a TOP SOCCER FAN!

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